Pico Sakura

Sakura MML/ABC Notation with Browser. You can use tablet/smartphone/PC.



User Manual: Text Music "Sakura"

1. Overview

"Text Music 'Sakura'" is a tool that enables you to generate music from text written in "abc" notation. You can play music by providing score information in text format, and it can be used on both PCs and web browsers. Furthermore, if you are using the PC version, you can output MIDI files (MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a standard for connecting electronic instruments). Anyone can compose music without using complex music production software.

2. Installation Method

2.1 Browser Version

The browser version can be used by accessing the following URL. No installation is required.

3. How to Use

"Text Music 'Sakura'" interprets the note names "cdefgab" as musical notes. Below are the specific ways to use it.

3.1 Writing Notes

  • "cdefgab" are "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si", interpreted as notes directly. For example, if you input "ceg" it will be converted to "Do-Mi-So".

3.2 Specifying the Length of Notes

  • To specify the length of basic notes, write "l4" for quarter notes and "l8" for eighth notes. For example, "l4c" is a C quarter note, and "l8d" is a D eighth note.

3.3 Specifying the octave

  • You can also specify the octabe. Write it as "o5" or "o4". For example, "o4ceg" makes the C-E-G chord into a 4th octave.

Make full use of these basic operations to compose music. Let's open up new possibilities for music production with "Text Music 'Sakura'".

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